Demon's Souls Reviews

Demon's Souls continues to be the subject of glowing review scores, with three more enthusiastic reviews popping up over the weekend.

PS3Hyper gives it a perfect 5/5:
Undoubtedly, Demon's Souls is a classic and in our book, the best RPG title on the PS3 so far. Even with the crazy difficulty and the lack of any real story cut-scene, the game has a distinctive charm that make gamer want to plough on even when they've been killed for the umpteenth times. In fact, the game's level of difficulty has successfully made leveling-up a genuinely challenging and enjoyable experience; instead of the mundane button-smashing ordeals in many other RPGs.

ScrawlFX gives it a 9/10:
To sum it up, Demon's Souls is an amazing PlayStation 3 action RPG. If you're reading, you probably already knew the game was good from the countless amount of positive feedback it had received back in February. It's a game that's not for the weak-minded, but for the patient and hard-working. If you're afraid of difficulty, this is not the game for you. This is "beat you down and break your nose" hard and you're going to need a lot of patience to get through it. If you like the thrill and tenseness that Demon's Souls offers, that will always keep you on your toes, then Demon's Souls is the game for you.

GameCritics gives it a 9.5/10:
In every aspect, Demon's Souls is fantastically creative and adheres faithfully to its own identity in a way that so many other titles only stumble at. Although players expecting something more conventional may be coldly taken aback by its unflinching boldness and refusal to compromise its vision, those who can see it for what it is and appreciate what it does will find themselves knee-deep in adventure, never wanting to look back. Without question, Demon's Souls is one of 2009's finest titles, and an amazing, challenging journey without equal.

And Just Push Start comes away with some hands-on impressions:
So far, Demon's Souls requires a lot of time, patience and understanding. It does gives the impression of the game being too hard but as soon as you customize your characters, pick your class, and get comfortable in your jobs, you'll fall in love with this title.