Mass Effect Pinnacle Station DLC Review

Another review of Mass Effect's Pinnacle Station addon has surfaced, and this time it's from the folks at Spawn Kill. The score is a 6.5/10, with this conclusion:
Luckily, many of us DID play Mass Effect very deeply, weaving in and out of every single possible sidequest available to us until death do us part. So this will give achievement hunters and completionists a reason to spend some time again with Commander Shepard and Co. Honestly, I have one rather worthwhile recommendation for using Pinnacle Station to aid your needs. For those of you who sought after the achievements such as (Use biotic Barrier 75 times,) (Use biotic Barrier 75 times,) or (Use medi-gel 150 times,) and weren't able to pick up every single one of those mass use achievements, this is the absolute perfect place to run through and wreak havoc upon some alien swine. You will pick up these achievements with ease if you spend time at Pinnacle Station, as well as gain some fair experience points while doing so.