Star Wars: The Old Republic Previews

A couple of new Star Wars: The Old Republic have hit the web, courtesy of BioWare's most recent demonstration at this year's Penny Arcade Expo.

A little something from Game Stooge:
Graphically, they're going in a different direction for the in-game look. The game does not feel as detailed as KOTOR or Mass Effect, but it's more detailed than a straight (anime) feel. Backgrounds and environments look nice, character faces have less detail than one might expect.

The live demo featured 3 playable classes and 3 different planets. A female bounty hunter on the Hutt planet, the Trooper class on Ord Mantell and a Sith Apprentice on the Sith Homeworld. The Old Republic has the same dialog tree that we're used to and the same moral choices that earn you light or dark points. There are bonuses that will unlock for going purely light, dark or (gray), maintaining the balance. Because this is a multiplayer game, the dialog tree also splits multiply, allowing the player to make multiple dialog choices not only for your own character but NPCs as well. The choices you make vary the path of the game resulting in unique experiences every time.

And a bit from GamerTell:
The Old Republic was stated to be so massive in terms of potential game play that it was like three new Knights of the Old Republic games.

A significant difference between the gameplay shown and that from GamesCom was that here, the Sith Warrior and Bounty Hunter chose to spare the life of the rogue Imperial Captain, leading to a slightly different showdown as you were assaulted by the Republic ship: taking place in the landing bay rather than the engineering section.