Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

Eurogamer has slapped up the latest hands-on preview of Star Wars: The Old Republic, which you've probably already guessed is based on the GamesCom demonstration.
The conversation itself, as well as being fully voiced, follows the traditional BioWare route of suggestive choices, three for each branch, which are then fleshed out in the actual responses. Not only does this mechanic keep things more interesting - because I was intrigued to see how each choice would be manifested rather than impatiently waiting for the text I'd just read to be vocalised - it fleshes out the player character beautifully, with even the 'nice' light-side options rendered in gritty Sith style. There are four or five decisions to be made, unless of course the first choice is one to execute, and each feels as if it has a real influence on the mood of captain and crew, and therefore on the interactions available afterwards. Our mollycoddling seems to assuage the initial aggression of the situation, mollifying our wayward CO into rallying his troops and offering sound tactical advice.

This isn't one of the earth-shattering choices we're promised we'll be making, it's a single early mission, but we're promised that the consequences range beyond the simple location and number of boarders. Humiliate or intimidate the captain too much and we're told that he might not be so willing to offer advice or more palpable support once you're away, aboard the enemy vessel. Absence, it seems, makes the heart grow bolder.
Where do these people get this information? The "traditional" BioWare route is to provide full dialogue choices - they implemented suggestive choices into Mass Effect only.