Borderlands Preview

Gearbox's co-op friendly shooter/RPG is the subject of yet another GamesCom preview, and this time it's over at Gamereactor.
I have seen Borderlands several times, but at Gamescom Gearbox showed of a mission chain that will be part of the main story (made up of a total of 30 mission chains or 15-20 hours of gameplay). It started out as a mission to take out a beast called Skagzilla (not the one I met last Saturday). First the Gearbox crew had to rescue a fellow called Lucky in order to gain information about the area. A few bandits attacked them as they closed in, but they were quickly taken out.

After saving Lucky they learned that they could use a big roasted hog that some bandits had prepared to lure out Skagzilla and take him down. At this time we were given some insight to the degree of tactics you can employ in Borderlands. The player using a Siren called Lilith, the Borderlands equivalent of a mage, used a stealth ability that concealed her from the bandits and also allowed her to move very fast. She used an ability to stun the bandits and the rest of the team moved in to finish the job swiftly. It was a 5 second massacre. Highly satisfying.