Ultima Online Interview

MMORPG.com is offering up a quick interview with Ultima Online development manager Calvin Crowner about the game's 12th anniversary and the upcoming Stygian Abyss expansion pack.
Stygian Abyss offers the Gargoyles as a playable race, what can we expect from these long time villains now that they are on the other side?

Calvin Crowner: Well ... the Gargoyles were not really villains, they just had a different point of view ? You can expect then to have access to areas that are not reachable unless you're a gargoyle. In addition, by stature, they are larger and more imposing than humans or elves. Their buildings are also modified so their wings can fit through. In the design of Ter Mur (the Gargoyle Homeland), we tried to design the city and areas so they made sense. You'll also notice the Void (or the dark magic the Gargoyle Queen has held at bay) encroaching through different areas. Gargoyles bring some of their own "special sauce" to the table, as they are more skillful with the new systems (Imbuing, Mysticism), and are the only race who can use throwing weapons.