BioShock Big Daddy Sound Clips

2K Games' official Cult of Rapture website has been updated with eight sound clips that you'll probably recognize from the "Rosie" Big Daddies in BioShock.
Idle Sound - This is an example of the sound a Rosie makes while looking for a Little Sister, guiding her through the halls, or standing guard as she extracts ADAM.

Combat Example #1 | Combat Example #2 | Combat Example #3 - Rosie's make a much more intimidating noise when in the heat of battle. These are just a few of the battle cries you might hear - over a dozen were recorded.

Melee Combat - As you might imagine by now, the language of a Big Daddy is quite complex. They, of course, make different noises during hand-to-hand combat than when they are utilizing a rivet gun.

Hurt Example #1 | Hurt Example #2 - Strong as Rosies might be, they, too, can be injured. These are two of the many sounds you may hear from a Rosie when you inflict damage or, if you are lucky, before one falls in battle.

Threatening Sound - Have you ever found yourself too close to a Little Sister (whether by accident or on purpose) and heard a gutteral cry from a Rosie? That's your final warning to get away -- a threatening sound that you are in over your heard.