The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf Status Interview

Polygamia has a new interview with Michal Kicinski, discussing the recent rumblings on Rise of the White Wolf. A partial English translation can be found at the bottom.
From what you're saying, I gather that WSG is hugely responsible for this situation. In spite of that, the company accuses you of not paying and blames you for suspending the project.. Can you explain what happened, from your perspective?

WSG behaves in a way that is far from our business ethics. But their accusations are serious and, what is most important, untrue that is why we published a correction under the article on We paid for all the milestones on time, just after they had been accepted. Of course, it was later than planned, because the milestones were presented for acceptance with delays and they were inconsistent with the specification. We put an enormous effort to make sure the production goes the right way, and still the plans were becoming invalid, and there were new delays? After a few such incidents, we sent a large team over to Lyon. The group consisted not only of people involved in the project, but also of technology managers from RED and Metropolis. They spent one whole week to examine thoroughly the whole project and its technology. As a result, we found out that WSG's promises had no grounds in reality and that the game's premiere date and quality cannot be guaranteed. So, after a long discussion, we decided to suspend the cooperation with WSG, because we understood there is too much risk in it. And actually we haven't paid for the last milestone, but only because it wasn't complete and we have already started the termination of the contract.
And he confirms the third Witcher IP project and the Witcher 2 have been fused, though not with as many words.
How many ongoing projects do you have in CDP RED at the moment?

It's difficult to explain not disclosing things I cannot give away ;) Generally speaking, because of all this mess and changing of plans, two of our internal RED projects, who were separate, have now joint management and teams. However, the production goals remain more less the same. Maybe it isn't clear, but I'm sorry, I can't discuss it in more details.
In the Polish end of the interview, Kicinski notes the staff was cutback from 85 to 70, significantly less worrisome than the numbers we were given.