Big Huge Games' Ascendant Revealed, Media Included

With the company's future up in the air, Kotaku managed to score some details on the two games that were in development at Big Huge Games. The one we're most interested in is Ascendant, the RPG that was being spearheaded by Oblivion designer Ken Rolston. Along with nineteen pieces of concept art and twenty-four screenshots, Kotaku is even hosting a rough trailer for the game. An excerpt from their write-up:
Called Ascendant, it was intended to be an epic fantasy RPG title for the PC, 360 & PS3. It appears Ascendant was a little further along than God: The Game, since it has screenshots and even a rough, rough cut of a trailer (which you can see below), but like the Wii title, it looks to be clutching its visual inspiration - in this case Fable - a little too close to the chest.

With the studio either up for sale or on the verge of closure, though, both of these projects have been cancelled. You can take a look at the art assets and screenshots below.

On the subject, we've heard from sources that several companies are in discussions to purchase the studio from THQ, in a move that would save Big Huge from closure. While most remain undisclosed, we heard that one of the companies in the running is 38 Studios, retired baseball star Curt Schilling's development house.

When contacted for comment, 38 Studios stated that "it does not comment on rumors".
I hope someone picks it up - it actually looks fairly promising.