Drakensang: The Dark Eye Review

A review for German RPG Drakensang: The Dark Eye comes at us from Gamepyre, who call it a must try for RPG fans and give it an 87/100.
As your character gains experience, EXP points can be used to raise the character's skills. Before I talk about the skills, I want to mention that in Drakensang you can have a party of up to 4 characters. While the main character is YOU, at the same time, you have absolute total control over the other 3 members. And when I say control, I mean control; you not only get to train and level them as they acquire EXP, but you can also play them. Changing the party leader can be as easy as clicking on the appropriate character or hitting TAB a few times.

Each character is different (and if they are not you should make them if you want to be successful). Having 4 bashers in your party may be extremely useful in the beginning, but not all in Drakensang is based on pure strength alone. Some situations are easier to deal with by talking your way out of it (or into it). Even the weapons and armor suggest a certain approach to each situation. For example, having a tough melee dwarf charge in and draw the enemy on him can be essential to your caster having time to select the appropriate spell to zap the enemies. This is a very complex game from both a strategy as well as a development aspect. Balance is the key, but at the same time, which key is right for you.