World of Warcraft: The Ulduar Report: #1

GameSpy is giving us a closer look at World of Warcraft's upcoming Ulduar raid dungeon in a new multi-part preview. From the first installment:
My pickup 25-man raid congregated outside the entrance to Ulduar, high atop a mountain in the Storm Peaks.

The scene that awaited me there was impressive. Dozens and dozens of dragons in every color of the rainbow were hovering in place, their riders eagerly waiting for the swirling emerald gate to unlock and for the testing to begin. I crashed about a dozen times, waiting for the gates to unlock -- there were apparently too many dragons there for my dual video cards to handle.

Once the yellow GM text told us that XT-002 was ready and the gates were opened, the flight of dragons swarmed in. We found XT-002 Deconstructor after using one of the teleport pads that make navigating Ulduar's many wings a cinch. This guy is a huge robot with piledriver arms, towering several stories tall. Scale looks like a recurring theme in Ulduar, and most of the bosses I've seen share this larger-than-life design philosophy.