Star Trek Online Screenshots

More MMO exclusives from ZAM, as they reveal five screenshots from Star Trek Online, with some comments from Craig Zinkievich.
One of the features that sets Star Trek Online apart is its Episodic Content. We don't want players to be stuck in the same environment for three hours hunting tribbles until they level. None of the Star Trek TV episodes take place on one set -- neither should STO's content.

Our Episodic Content is designed to take you to a number of widely differing environments during a single gameplay session.

For example, you may be assigned to visit a planet within Federation protected space. When you arrive in orbit, you find yourself in a tense standoff with a heavily armed Orion Syndicate battleship. After dealing with the Orions, you send an away team to the planet's surface and discover that the Orions were providing cover for a Klingon force that has beamed in to break up a diplomatic conference. You stop the Klingons' sabotage and then go into the embassy, rescue the diplomats and confront the Klingons' commander, who has information about a second Klingon attack already in progress.

Beam back to your ship and warp to another planet, where you face a Klingon fleet in a climatic space battle. Millions of lives are depending on you -- can you avert a galactic tragedy?

That's what Episodic Content in STO is like.