Demigod Preview

Stardock and Gas Powered Games' Demigod is the subject of another hands-on preview, and this time it's over at ActionTrip.
Various points scattered around the map can be captured to allow for bonuses and perks like additional pluses to experience earned, more health and mana and additional portals that will spawn more grunts for your side. Each side also has a Citadel that you must protect. The Citadel will allow you to further upgrade the power of your armies, strength and defense of buildings and more experience. To upgrade your citadel you need war points that are rewarded after capturing and holding flags around the map. The more flags you hold, the more points you get.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the key here is to get into combat early and often and keep pushing across the map capturing strategic points as you go. This is the only way to level up and the upgrades your Demigod can use to make a real difference on the battlefield. Since you are not spending time micro managing your base and gathering resources you can focus on your attack plans and exploiting the weaknesses of your enemy.