Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Xbox 360 Preview

Strategy Informer has cranked out a quick preview of the upcoming Xbox 360 version of Ascaron's Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.
The most alluring feature that should entice gamers of open-world RPGs is Sacred 2's no loading times in its 22-square-mile fantasy world. The foliage placed upon the environments is brightly colored and easy on the eyes. Graphically, it's been said that Sacred 2 is optimized for the consoles and it shows as it doesn't miss a step on the Xbox 360. The only thing that didn't seem too attracting was the beginning enemies you encounter they're drab and uninteresting. Though, it must be said that in this preview build, the enemies' behavior wasn't fully implemented to see how intelligent they could be within a battle.

Facing off against bosses such as Stone Golems, Giant Krakens, and Dragons, Sacred 2 is bound to put gamers into tense situations with their life on the line. Even more interesting is that these bosses will often take up a majority of the screen to pose a much bigger challenge to heroes. More than a hundred monsters are incorporated into Sacred 2, so it'll take dozen upon dozen of hours to encounter everything it has to throw at you.