Drakensang: The Dark Eye Site Updates

The English version of Radon Labs' official Drakensang: The Dark Eye website has been updated with information about the Firefly, Wolf Rat, Stone Golem, Evil Tree, and Aventuria's Grimtooth Castle.
Grimtooth Castle is an ancient fortress on the mountain of the same name in the Windhag Mountains on the west coast of Aventuria, south of the port city of Havena. It belongs to the Margraviate of Windhag. Originally constructed in the days of the Bosparan Empire, it now servers as a bulwark of the Middlerealmian Empire.

The sparsely inhabited mountainous region around the castle is dominated by the peaks of the (Grimmtooth) and the even higher (Stormhorn) and harbors all kinds of ruffians and dangerous creatures. As well as bandits and smugglers, the area is also home to Ork and Goblin tribes, Grolms, Rock Goblins, all kinds of wild animals and not least of all West Wind Dragons and Harpies, led by ancient Harpy Queen (Wiltrut).

These tough conditions explain the sizeable garrison of Grimmtooth Castle, which includes numerous guard troops from Middlerealm, as well as a congregation of the infamous Draconite Order of the Church of Hesinde.

Some traders have recently reported the arrival of a few high-ranking scholars.