Drakensang: The Dark Eye Site Updates

The English version of Radon Labs' official Drakensang: The Dark Eye website has been updated with information about the Dwarven city of Murolosh, as well the game's Troll and Djinn creatures.
Murolosh! Even the name of the Dwarfen city in the Anvil Mountains evokes powerful images: ancient stone halls, weapons forged by the finest Dwarf masters, magnificent Dwarfen revelries. Very few Elfs and humans the Dwarfs call them (Biglings) have even seen Murolosh. Only true dragonslayers can expect a welcome there from the wise Mountain King Arombolosh.

The Dwarfen Tosh Mur mountain reaches, also called Woodwatch by humans, stretch far beneath the Ambossgebirge. The extensive mountain kingdom is home to the rough and warlike Ambosszwerge. Once founded as a bulwark against the dragons, it has now become their ancestral home.

As well as the overground mountain reach of Woodwatch (also called "Upper Anvil"), wide-ranging, mostly underground parts of the Baronies of Lûr, Roterz and the south of Hammerblow also belong to the mountain kingdom. There are also individual mountain outposts in the south of the Baronies of Bragahn and Drift.

The Baronies that cover the ground above the mountain kingdom are also considered part of Anvil territory, and therefore under the influence of the Mountain King of Anvil, a fact no doubt disputed by the resident human nobility.

There are also close historic ties to the County of Almada in the south, which was also originally part of the mountain kingdom. This area originally supplied the wood with which the Dwarfs constructed their mineshaft. To this very day, there are many old laws and rights harking back to the days when Dwarfs ruled the region.
Murolosh is the capital of the mountain kingdom and is located in (Upper Anvil) in the Anvil Mountains.