Drakensang: The Dark Eye Elementalist Detailed

The English version of Radon Labs' official Drakensang: The Dark Eye website has been updated with information about the Tulamid Elementalist archetype, as well as its Metamage and Alchemist specializations.
Tulamid elementalists are masters of the elements. Most of them have trained at the 'Pentagram Academy of Rashdul' where they learned to command the elements and summon powerful fiery companions from the elemental planes.

Scholars believe that the Tulamids are one of the original peoples of the Aventurian continent, probably originating from Rashtulwall. Tulamids are generally considered a friendly and gentle people. They are also cunning merchants who always know exactly what they want and how to negotiate things to their advantage. The native woodsmen of the south are often kept as slaves by the Tulamids, making them unloved among the Mohas.