Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir Review

RPG Codex is next in line with a review of Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir, finding the expansion pack somewhat flawed but great nonetheless.
All in all, I liked Storm of Zehir very much. Someone might now ask '˜wait, what? He keeps listing out flaws, but he still says it's a very good game?'. Well, yes, the game is definitely not flawless, but the cons are totally overshadowed by the pros, and most of the flaws are actually rather minor for this type of gameplay. The plot takes rather long to come out, companion interaction is limited, cities are underdeveloped, but then again, it's not what this game is about. What it's about is exploration of the overland map, visiting many interesting places, gathering loot, fighting challenging fights, skill checks, and. the endgame area. Believe me when I say that the endgame area will imprint itself in your memory for a long time if you play it properly, and I just can't find words to describe how marvelous the last boss fight was (well, to put it this way, I haven't played a game that would make me yell '˜DIE ALREADY, BITCH' after about 15 load games, and yet would still keep me excited but not frustrated in a long time). I suppose that the overland map will also be of great importance to the modding community

Now we can only hope that Obsidian's next game will have the story of Mask of the Betrayer and the gameplay of Storm of Zehir, which I might say could be the recipe for a monumental cRPG.