The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf Q&A

GameCyte has dished up a new Q&A with CD Projekt's Tom Ohle and Jakub Styliński about the team's recently announced console RPG, The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf. DLC is confirmed within, which makes me wonder if the PC version will also end up getting expanded alongside the console version:
When asked whether the world design and quests from The Witcher will stay the same, Styliński replied (Not entirely,) and proceeded to tell that the game will include (a new interface, redesigned boss battles, new music, a smattering of new models, and a redesigned character development system.)

(And that hardly exhausts the list of new features,) he hastily added, watching our sword lazily inch towards his neck.

Before we let him go, Styliński confirmed that DLC is in the works for Rise of the White Wolf; and when questioned about the controversial sex cards from the original, he replied that the company's goal is (to keep the content of The Witcher intact) in the new game. (It's too early to tell whether we're going to have any issues with ratings, but we're definitely aiming to deliver a mature game,) he told GameCyte.