The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf Interview

videogaming247 interviews marketing man Tom Ohle about The Witcher's console port and the unannounced CD Projekt Red games.
Aren't owners of the PC version going to feel a little miffed that you're saying the console SKUs are essentially better than the PC game in both graphics and control?

I think that's probably a bit of a misinterpretation of what we're doing with Rise of the White Wolf. We simply weren't able to efficiently move the existing engine to consoles, so we've worked with an external studio to make a new engine. We're taking the same story from the PC game and essentially building everything else from scratch to take advantage of the consoles' controls and features. The combat is really deep, but it plays more like you'd expect a console game to play. The graphics look great, but of course we have to work within the capabilities of each console. Basically it's a console game through and through. any PC gamers who get upset about missing out on the features are hiding a dark secret: they actually prefer console games and controls.

Is this the end of support for the PC version? Will any more Witcher content be released for PC?

Nah, we're still fully committed to the PC as a platform, and to supporting The Witcher on PC. We're currently working on another update to address some issues that arose in the Enhanced Edition, and our community team is still working with the mod community, which is creating some huge new adventures. We also have two other games in development, and given that we got our start on the PC, there's a good chance that one or both of those will be developed for PC.