BioShock PS3 Reviews

Two more fairly enthused reviews surface for BioShock's PS3 port from the sites PSXExtreme who give it a 9.3/10 who have a real first-look review.
Visually, while the game engine is about 18 months old and there are better looking PS3 games out there, Bioshock is still a superb looking port marred by nothing more than just a few nit-picky issues. It's worth noting that I didn't find Bioshock to be a visual tour de force last year, so pardon me if I don't come off as excited about its technical prowess. With the visuals, the one thing everyone is dying to know is just how well the game stacks up to the X360 version. Well, there are trade-offs. For the PlayStation 3 version, the game no longer has any screen-tearing when the enhanced framerate option is enabled - this is in contrast to the X360 version. Furthermore, with the enhanced framerate on, the engine renders 60 frames per second more consistently than the X360 version did, which would often drop below 50fps. As far as what was sacrificed, the PS3's Bioshock has marginally lower texture quality in some places. The differences in texture detail between both games is really small, and considering the trade-offs and that this is also a port, Bioshock for the PS3 is still every bit as impressive as the X360 version.
And GameDaily, who give it a 9/10 while clearly pointing to their Xbox 360 review for full details, only covering the game cursorily in this second look.
BioShock PS3 is almost exactly like its Xbox 360 and PC counterparts, but with a few notable exceptions. Not only will you receive all of the downloadable content right out of the box, but you'll gain Survivor Mode, a harder difficulty that restricts the amount of ammo and money you find. In addition, the game's enemies are much tougher, so you can expect them to hit you with greater accuracy and shoot from behind cover. This should satisfy critics that complained that the game was too easy, as well as give you a migraine after dying for the umpteenth time. Finally, there are PS3 exclusive trophies, in case you're into scoring achievements.