BioShock PS3 Content Exclusive... For Now has posted a few quotes made by 2K Games' Melissa Miller during the Leipzig Games Convention that seem to dispel any notion that BioShock's PS3-exclusive content will make it to the PC or Xbox 360.
During Leipzig Games Convention last week we caught up with 2K Games senior producer Melissa Miller and asked her if the exclusive content will also come out on 360.

She said: "Right now we are supporting the PS3 launch. We are really excited to be bringing the BioShock experience to a whole new set of fans. We've been concentrating on ways to make this game special. The things that we've added, they're not changing the original experience that the 360 fans and the PC fans got, but are things that compliment nicely that experience."

When asked if that answer meant no, Miller replied: "The answer is no. Right now this is a PS3 exclusive."

But... never say never.