Star Trek Online to be Unveiled at Star Trek Convention

Cryptic's upcoming Star Trek Online MMO will be unveiled - where else - at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, according to Rock, Paper, Shotgun.
On Sunday though, we'll get to see what the game's like. It's the official Star Trek Convention in Vegas at the weekend, which sounds a little like a lost chapter from Fear & Loathing but pertinently will also feature the first in-game footage of STO. Introduced by none other than Leonard (the cosmic ballet continues) Nimoy. Big leagues, baby.

Fortunately, us proles can watch the unveiling from afar, with a webcast due to appear here at 1.30pm PDT on the 10th August. Which is, I believe, 9.30pm in Her Majesty's Royal Imperial Kindgom of England-land time.