Drakensang: The Dark Eye Reviews

RPGWatch has another round-up of German-language reviews for Drakensang: The Dark Eye, with mixed responses.
  • Stern.de article based on 3 interviews (mainstream press, similar to Newsweek)
  • Select 8.5/10; pdf download
  • Daddelnews rating: "good"; "the best texts since PS:T"
  • Eurogamer.de 7/10 good buuuttt...
  • GamesTM 8.5/10 (print; the article about Game PR and the retro piece on the Eye of the Beholder Trilogy are very interesting)
  • OnlineWelten 74%; rather negative; "not intense enough" (transscr.)
  • gBase.ch 8.5/10
  • 4Players 73%; very critical; (but 10% more than expected ;) )
  • Golem.de no rating; very positive; video & HD-video 
  • AreaGames 80%; hardcore TDE perspective
  • Vitivi.tv video review in coop with AreaGames
  • Ulisses-Spiele forum savegame editor; saves are in SQLite format!