BioShock PS3 Trophies Preview

PlayStation.Blog takes a look at the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock, uncovering details on the game's use of trophies.
Silver Trophies were next to be handed out.

For the true explorer, we present one of the more difficult Trophies to get in all of Rapture. The (Historian) Trophy is awarded for finding every single audio diary. This particular Trophy is Silver because we understand the rigor required for this endeavor. If you're a true adventurer and seek to know the full story of the fall of Rapture, look under every desk and open every door. There are many to find.

As you may expect, several Trophies must remain secret. Giving this information away has the same effect as turning to the last page in a great book. We imagine you hate this as much as we do. The other silver Trophy must remain in our vault until you discover it for yourselves.