Project RPB FAQ

Piranha Bytes has thrown together a fairly long FAQ with short question-and-answers to further introduce us to their upcoming RPG, still known only as Project RPB.
Creating a new universe gives you the chance to introduce new and believable races. Is this opportunity being used?
The newly won freedom is being utilized; a new mythology leaves room for new and original ideas.

What kind of setting will the game have?
It all plays in a fictional medieval background on a huge volcanic island.

Will the island be split, so that you can only gain access to certain parts after completing chapters?
Yes, provisions have been made for this. The story/game-sequences are arranged into chapter

Will there be cool and realistic weapons in RPB? Are you designing the swords?
The weapons look very realistic, but there will be a few special weapons. Our (Swordmaster) models them by hand.

Will there be magic?
Naturally! There has been a lot of modification, as far as the system is concerned.

None of the features from Gothic are being used. Does this mean we have to do without fireball or fire rain?
Fireball is the standard attack spell of a magician and in nowhere protected by law. The whole thing is mainly based on familiar characters, music, own monsters, gods etc.

Will there be shields and fighting with two weapons?
But of course!

Will there be flails and explosives?