Dark Age of Camelot Letter to the Community

Dark Age of Camelot producer Christopher Rabideau has penned a letter to the community addressing questions about the possibility of an old-school "Origins" server for the game.
This server is designed to return DAoC to the great game experience it was in 2001/2002, while also applying wisdom from the lessons we have learned since then. DAoC is still a great game, but this server has its own appeal that we '˜old school' players really enjoyed, and our goal is to get back to that while also continuing to support the other rulesets. Origins will not exactly replicate the game as it was is 2001; we are keeping as a part of server the '˜best features' we have put into the game since launch, such as housing, horses, the market explorer, UI changes (to name only a few) and many of the improved systems introduced over the years. However, some of these features and systems will also be tuned up. For example, the '˜portal ceremony' found in the game at launch will not be making a comeback as it was originally implemented. Instead, there will be a short waiting period (3 5 minutes) before players may port together. This will encourage players to go to the Frontiers in groups as opposed to now where players often find themselves heading to the frontiers alone. We are also taking this opportunity to retune realm balance. Many intelligent and experienced minds are focused on this aspect of Origins, and the main question by which we've operated during its development is, If we could do this all over again, knowing what we know today, how would we do things differently?

I actually think every MMORPG needs a server like this. There would probably be more people still playing Ultima Online, EverQuest, and other games if they all had officially sanctioned servers that simply maintain the game's original content plus bug fixes.