The Witcher May Newsletter

CD Projekt has sent out their May newsletter for The Witcher, this time focusing on the D'jinni adventure editor, the rescheduling of the game's Enhanced Edition, and more.
Due to CD Projekt RED's goal of making The Witcher: Enhanced Edition as close to a flawless product as possible, the release of the game has been delayed. We've gone back to improve certain versions of the game to meet the highest standards, and work continues on the English version, in which a significant amount of dialogue is being re-recorded and over 5000 lines of the script were rewritten, as well as the German version, in which the translation is being improved and many characters are receiving new voice-overs. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition will be also free of the majority of criticisms noted by fans and media in the original version of the game - loading times will be reduced by 80%, stability of the game on various operating systems will be improved, and numerous improvements will be made to enhance fighting precision as well as game mechanics. The exact release date of Enhanced Edition will be given soon.