BioShock PS3 Port Confirmed

It has been denied before by 2K, but rumours keep on resurfacing concerning a PS3 port of BioShock. Now the story has been picked up and confirmed and counter-confirmed by EuroGamer, CVG and 1up. They cite EGM and PSM3, both of whom will breaks the news officially in a couple of days - though issues of the magazine are already out there and 1up has a kind of teaser image of it. 1up:
Still don't believe us? Well, if you catch yourself a copy of the July issue (hitting subscribers as we speak, and on newsstands on June 3), you'll get the full scoop on how the Xbox 360 will translate (including some potential graphical improvements) in time for the 2008 holiday season.

Along with a chat with BioShock's new creative director Jordan Thomas (taking over the sunken series from creator Ken Levine), EGM has the first screens and info, including some fishy details about the future of Rapture.
Details are thin on the ground at the moment (i.e. there are none), but the next issue of UK PlayStation mag PSM3 - which is on UK newsstands June 5 - promises a lengthy preview of the PS3 version along with a depth charge of screenshots.