Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate Previews

The Ossian Studios press event brought about a few more previews of the adventure pack Mysteries of Westgate. The Neverwinter Nights Podcast offers an interview plus impressions from their journalist on the spot. also has a hands-on preview.
Mysteries of Westgate is compatible with either NWN2 or NWN2 with Mask of the Betrayer installed. Having MotB installed will allow you to access all of the additional expansion content including the new base and prestige classes. The Mysteries of Westgate Adventure Pack will include the following:

* new VO - done by Giant Sandbox, and recorded at Blackman Productions, who also did the VO for Mass Effect, Jade Empire, KotoR and HotU
* 25 minutes of new music
* a new sewer tileset
* 3 optional companions
* 4 new creatures including the Quelzarn and Wererat
* over 100 new and unique items; available from merchants or as loot

The new content will initially be locked but will be made available in the future (except for the custom items) most likely via a free downloadable hak pak.
And Just-RPG adds their preview.
You have embarked on a journey to rid yourself of a cursed object a mask. The mask is invading your dreams, turning them into nightmares. Rather than lose your sanity, you have taken a voyage to Westgate to learn of the curse. Will you survive the denizens of the seedy city and rid yourself of the mask? Will you end up a rotting corpse in an alley? Or, will you end up losing your sanity.

Right from the beginning, I felt a good vibe about the story and was drawn in. In many games, I feel like my character is just plopped into a place to begin adventuring. But, in MoW, my interest was piqued. The opening video and introductory events were well done, and had the (magic) that is often missing I was pulled in and definitely looking forward to the events that would unfold.