Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate Spotlight #6

The sixth forum spotlight for Ossian's Neverwinter Nights 2 adventure pack Mysteries of Westgate looks at the lore of Westgate, with the customary screenshot but, again, without a Q&A.
Of all Westgate's legends, by far the most enduring - and intriguing is that of Verovan's lost hoard. King Verovan, the scion of the Eorn/Lorndessar dynasty, was the last in a line of monarchs that stretched back sixteen centuries. His reign, marked by high taxation and royal excess, was brought to an end when he perished in a ship race in the Year of the cockatrice (1248 DR) as the result of Thayan treachery, but his vast riches were never found. There are rumors, eagerly spread through gossip across tavern pints, that the riches were recovered by the now-legendary Alias of the Magic Arm and her comrades-in-arms, though those same rumors mention that not all of it was found... or perhaps what was found was then lost. The one man in town who would know the truth of these tales, Alias' one-time wizard ally, Mintassan "the Magnificent," demurs when asked directly and deftly sidesteps all attempts at deception. And so it is that all that is left of Westgate's last king's fabled treasure are tavern tales.

Folk around the western Inner Sea view Westgate as a cesspool of decadent evil, eager to make financial deals with pirates to leave its ships alone and to attack those from other ports, or to arrange shortages and wars to drive prices up. And these views are right, for the intrigues, secret deals, black markets, murders, skeleton-filled closets, and supposedly hidden treasures of the city are endless. Behind literally every corner exists the opportunity for the crafty and clever to become wealthy... and the gullible and naïve to become dead.