Planescape Trilogy Forum Tidbits

The massive Planescape Trilogy NWN2 mod from Rogue Dao Studios is still moving forward while the website is being revamped.

RPGWatch has gathered a bunch of notes from their forums, including this, including some screenshots here or this status update here.
We're polishing up lots of stuff. We took a look at the Hive Ward in December and we were not satisfied with the Planar visual quality of the hubs. They certainly looked very Planescape, but we wanted them to be quintessentially Planescape...

The other component we wanted to revise was the critical path. The original did not involve the Sigil Factions enough in our estimation. So the critical path and companions are undergoing a complete redo.

We will be, without a shadow of a doubt, starting the public closed beta no later than March 31st, 2008. We will be starting with either the Gatehouse or the Hiverunner's Road Hub. It will be open to everyone who has already joined the RDS Beta Tester team. It will also be open to any new folks who want to take part.

What the PCB will consist of will be one hub of the Hive Ward section of the game, and possibly one Outer Planar location. The hub and associated locations, quests and critical path will be polished to beta quality.

We'll be looking for bug reports and feedback from the beta testers and then, once we do it once, we should be able to relatively quickly move from hub-to-hub.

I've been refraining from estimating release dates for a long time and I'm going to get back into the futurecasting business today.

Purgatorio will officially and finally be released on September 12, 2008. This date is firm. It will never change. We're to the point where we can accept a hard deadline.

This release date also coincides with the two-year anniversary of forming Rogue Dao Studios.

24 months of part-time development equates to 12 months of full time development, which will be an appropriate amount of time for the roughly 15-20 hour gameplay that Purgatorio will provide.