The Witcher Sexual Content Discussion

MTV Multiplayer has taken a closer look at the sexual content in The Witcher, while also offering some commentary from CD Projekt CEO Michal Kicinski about the difficulties involved with localizing a game for different countries and their respective cultures. Once again, a console version is hinted at:
(In Europe we are quite used to see many forms of sexual expression in fine art, books, films and even on television,) said Kicinski in an e-mail interview with Multiplayer. (The games are not seen much differently then. In order to see sexual references or various forms of sexual acts (although softer ones) we never had to cross over into pay-per-view TV or head off to the seedy part of town.)

(If we stay within the limits of good taste, without being explicit, we had always known that whatever we showed in The Witcher would be acceptable for our target, mature audience without banning us to some kind of '˜porn' games ghetto.)

Game developers preparing a game that includes sexual content for release in America face difficult options. On one hand, they could produce the sexually explicit content and hope it sails through the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, but that's risky and potentially expensive. On the other hand, they could practice self-censorship and accept the nature of American culture. CD Projekt tried a little of both with (The Witcher) and produced a unique version for the US that removed full-frontal nudity.

The US isn't the only place that requires censoring, however. The version of (The Witcher) released in Germany, for example, featured toned down violence. The demands in each territory are different, as well. (The European version was less censored and in Russia, for example,) said Kicinski. (Journalists were demanding even more nudity!)

Gamers probably wouldn't argue with that kind of logic, but read on to find out why Kicinski believes more censorship may be in store for (The Witcher.)

Rumors suggest (The Witcher) is coming to consoles. Kicinski wouldn't confirm that, but warned a console version brings additional challenges he was ready to take on. ('˜The Witcher' is a mature title and we definitely don't want to change its feeling, so there's no chance that console players will get a fluffy Barbie-like world. We may change a few things if we decide to hit consoles but the overall feeling of this game must remain the same as in the PC version.)