BioShock DRM Removal: A Promise Forgotten?

Twenty Sided has a short reminder up concerning a promise made by 2K Games to remove BioShock's over-the-top DRM, which many, including myself, have completely forgotten about.
Back in August 2007, 2kGames promised that they would offer a patch to remove the need for online activation from BioShock at some point in the future. It's been six months. A patch came out in December, which fixed a lot of fiddly little issues but ignored the miles of rage-inducing complaints regarding SecuROM and online activation. The epic forum thread - which was the only place where users where allowed to gripe about the DRM of the game - is now gone. (The link to it says it's an invalid thread.) That thread contained thousands and thousands of gripes, pleas for help, and reasonable objections, which were all ignored, neglected, and eventually deleted. Six months later the game is just as onerous as it ever was, although this is only true if you approach 2kGames as an honest customer.

I can't help but wonder how is that anti-piracy stuff working out, anyway?
Removing the forum thread smells of censorship. It's true Ken Levine never promised when he'd remove it, but in 6 months the only clarification has been removing said forum thread. That just looks bad.