The Witcher Review

The editors at AnandTech have published a long, detailed, and enthusiastic review of CD Projekt's The Witcher, though there's no overall score to go with it. The conclusion:
The Witcher ranks as the best PC role-playing game I've played since Oblivion. Then again, outside of Neverwinter Nights 2, there haven't been all that many RPGs in the past two years for PCs. If you're willing to stretch the definition of RPG a bit, games like STALKER and Bioshock enter the picture, both of which I would rate above The Witcher. However, the game is a lot closer to Oblivion than it is to STALKER, so that's probably not a fair comparison. If you're like me an RPG fan that detests MMORPGs and is eagerly waiting on Bethesda to finish up Fallout 3 there simply aren't that many other options out there right now. Lucky for us, we have The Witcher to help tide us over. We may be left wondering how or why Geralt came back from the dead, but you certainly won't find me complaining about his reappearance.