The Witcher Review

GamersInfo has reviewed The Witcher, and while they give no rating, they seem to be very enthused.
The gameplay in The Witcher is a blend of solving your main story quests, side quests to help with money and experience, fun minigames to spice things up, and intermittent jolts of combat. Combat isn't the focus of the game. You will spend a large part of the many hours it takes to get through the game performing quests, which occasionally break into combat, be it a task to help someone or an ambush by Salamander (the enemy) agents. Like many RPGs, some quests can be completed through negotiation, and most can be completed in more than one way from either combat, money or a bunch of very gray-area decisions.

The developers excel in creating this bastard of a gray area in so many quests, you often second guess yourself. Racial tensions are high in the world, and you have the option of being neutral, helping the Scoia'tael (Dwarven and Elven freedom fighters) or helping The Order of the Flaming Rose (human knights). Each choice will change your access to future quests and resources and will change the story as you progress. Personally, I would prefer additional side quests that are not related to the main story. The game has a few, but many of them do relate to the main story and characters.
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