The Witcher Review

TweakTown has written up a favorable review of The Witcher, giving CD Projekt's "action RPG" title an overall score of 8/10.
It's understandably hard these days for an Action RPG to really separate itself with unique gameplay mechanisms as the genre is so well developed, but even with this in mind, The Witcher does manage to impress with some rather unique and refined features. One of the first things you'll notice about The Witcher is the game can be controlled either via a traditional point and click mouse system, or by a WASD control system more akin to a FPS or third person action title. In fact, in many ways, The Witcher could be seen as a third person action title as you can even select a camera option that brings the view right down to Geralt's level - handy for some of the close quarter moments in the game.