Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Mounts Section

Ascaron's official Sacred 2: Fallen Angel website has been updated with a new section that details the horses and other special mounts that players will have access to in the action RPG sequel.
Across Ancaria you will find many horse dealers. They offer all kinds of animals, from the simple crock up to a real war horse. You can equip a war horse with bridle, saddle and even a tabard cape. These special mount items can be typical items that you can pick-up (with attributes just like any other character item) and also as rare or unique items.

In addition, every character also has a unique mount styled to that particular character. This riding animal not only fits to the personality of the character, but also complements the various aspects of the character's playing style perfectly.

It is capable of improvising and adopting the combat arts which a character cannot perform whilst riding. These mounts can be customized. Some mounts offer the player a higher travel speed. All mounts supply the mounted hero with additional (mostly defensive) bonuses.

According to exchanged combat arts while riding, fighting from a mount can offer a different tactical approach. The choice of whether or not to ride can be for many different reasons.