The Witcher Review has one of those fascinating reviews in which they claim the Witcher isn't really an RPG.
While labelled as an RPG, The Witcher bears only a fleeting resemblance to what fans of the genre might expect. You play Geralt, a silver-haired growly-voiced nutcase, whose girly long hair and effeminate walk detract from his skills as a warrior. It's non-negotionable, Geralt is the only playable character in the game and is uncustomisable. Put bluntly, if you're not into a hero that looks decidedly unheroic, you're out of luck. Geralt's weapons, namely a sword and a bit of alchemy, are pretty much a mainstay throughout the lengthy game experience. Your sword can be modified, the armour only slightly, leaving custom-heavy enthusiasts perplexed. Geralt isn't that likable either. He often does the wrong thing and you're left to deal with the consequences of his actions, however it's refreshing to play a character so unsavoury.
Spotted on RPGWatch.