BioShock in Top 100 Gaming Moments

The aptly named Sarcastic Gamer has been running a feature where they cover a great gaming moment each day. Number 62 in their top 100 is the gaming moment BioShock.
The style, action and gameplay was just too good. I didn't miss multi-player for a minute. In fact, if given the chance, I'd choose an excellent single player experience like BioShock over a mediocre (slapped-on) multi-player any day.

I'm looking at you OVERLORD.

Anyway, the (plasmid) abilities and cool weapon combinations allowed you to play the game differently every time. It was certainly a milestone in gaming creativity, and it's hopefully a sign of even greater things to come.
They also note it's "breaking ground" as well as a "milestone", which apparently means that they never played System Shock 2 and don't realise it's all been done before (and better).