The Witcher Review

GameTrailers is next in line to review The Witcher, praising it for its ambition and quality and giving it an 8.6/10.
The Witcher is a classic example of a game that is more than the sum of its parts. If you just look at the RPG mechanic, The Witcher appears a little shallow--especially compared to other big fantasy games like Oblivion.

But when married to the excellent storyline and setting, everything works wonderfully. The game practically demands that you become a part of the game world and that you take the time to understand it. For example, you can only mix up potions while you're resting. And unlike most RPGs, you need to find a safe place to do it either by taking refuge at an Inn or other friendly dwelling, or by locating a campfire. Furthermore, there's a full-on day and night cycle that needs to be considered since some non-playable characters have their own schedules and may or may not be around when you come calling.

The combat, although simple on the surface, takes potions, spells, and tactical position into consideration. That means that even seemingly tough boss battles can be won with relative ease as long as you make the right preparations. It's far more interesting than the standard level grind that most RPGs put you through.

And really, enough can't be said about how great it is to have to make choices that aren't merely about good or evil.