The Witcher Review

Gamer's Hell joins the ranks of websites that have tossed up pretty enthusiastic reviews of The Witcher. They give the game an overall score of 8.5/10 and have this to say in their summary:
Quickies (The Good)

'¢ A highly polished game at release.
'¢ Combat is fun.
'¢ Animations are well performed.
'¢ World is interesting.
'¢ Graphics are competent and efficiently coded.
'¢ Game is resource efficient.
'¢ Individual voice acting is superb.
'¢ Isn't too demanding on the system.
'¢ Is a lot of fun!
'¢ It's hard to believe this game was licensed from a book!

(Quickies) The bad
'¢ Lots of people look the same.
'¢ Not without its glitches.
'¢ Combat can seem a little broken on the odd occasion.
'¢ Combat style match-ups can seem very arbitrary at times with opponents parrying you perfectly every time unless you use the style the game deems appropriate.
'¢ Lots of people sound the same.
'¢ Foreign roots show (e.g., coherency of certain plotlines).
'¢ Difficulty isn't awfully consistent, especially moving from Vizima to The Swamp for example.