The Witcher Review

The folks at GameZone have reviewed The Witcher and are very impressed by the "benchmark RPG," handing it an overall score of 8.8/10.
This is truly a refreshing game that may plague your conscience through choices you might make as your journey through the game. Focus on one goal, though, and being the fact that Geralt is a mercenary, a killer for hire that judges right and wrong from his own standpoint. Those that want to see him dead are in the wrong. Those who don't may not be right. The only one who is right is Geralt. The Witcher offers no easy choices. This is a game that thrives on challenging players to think, not just wander through the world in a hack '˜n slash escapade.

In that regard, The Witcher is a benchmark RPG. It does not belong in the hands of the younger set, if for no other reason than its adult themes. But it is precisely the latter aspect that makes this game so compelling. It feels alive. And even when you've made a choice and see the results as they work out in the cut scenes and environments, you begin to realize that what CD Projekt has created is a living, breathing world.