The Witcher Reviews

CD Projekt's official website for The Witcher is pointing to a list of several international online and magazine reviews.
Imperium Gier (Poland) 9.3/10

Meristation (Spain) 8.5/10

Rewired Mind (UK) 4/5 (Germany) 85% (Czech Republic) 92% (Sweden) 8/10 (UK) 87/100 (Benelux) 8/10 (Norway) 5/6

Best Computer Games (Russia) 98%

PC Gameplay (Benelux) 88%
From the Rewired Mind review.
For years and years I have wanted an RPG to be released with a Tekken-style combat system. When I read the description of The Witcher, that's what I thought I was getting, so naturally I was excited. Unfortunately, when I finally got to experience the combat system, our sword master Geralt doesn't behave quite how I would want him to. Sure, he executes a lot of well-animated manoeuvres, but you don't control these; you simply have to click on a target and watch them be sliced a little. Click again in time and they get sliced more, and faster. Oh, and guess what. If you click yet again, they get sliced a bit more. Wow.

However, despite my negativity so far, CD Projekt - a Polish game producer - has done very well with The Witcher. Perhaps this is because they are better known for their translations of existing games and releasing them to Polish and Czech gamers, and therefore developing a game based on a series of Polish novels is quite a big step for them. Perhaps because, even though I've seen enough of the terrible lip sync and weather effects, and my dreams were destroyed when the combat system turned out to be completely different to expectations, I still like this game. Sure, one of the main NPCs has breasts in completely the wrong place, but unless you actually get excited over rendered females with breasts in the right place, that shouldn't be anything more than a laughing matter.