Project V.I.L.E. Announced

Australian-based Vile Studios issued a press release this morning announcing Project V.I.L.E., a new sci-fi MMORPG that features a "state-of-the-art combat system" and "mind-blowing weaponry."
Vile Studios Announces New Bone-Crushing Sci-Fi MMORPG Title

Brisbane, Australia September 28, 2007 Vile Studios today announced their premier title, Project V.I.L.E., a beefed-up Sci-Fi Fantasy MMORPG that brings many facets of the science fiction genre together for the first time in a massively multiplayer online format. Project V.I.L.E. is being developed for the PC platform, but Vile Studios is looking into releasing this epic Sci-Fi Fantasy MMORPG across multiple platforms. Project V.I.L.E. is in early production solely in Vile Studio's Brisbane studios and is scheduled to be released late 2008.

(Project V.I.L.E. is going to be a full-flavored, shooting, fighting, action-packed Sci-Fi MMORPG which gamers, both casual and dedicated, can really sink their teeth into. We will be incorporating and twisting all of the coolest concepts the Sci-Fi genre has been known for and we have all been eager to see in a Sci-Fi game) said Vile Studio's Creative Director, Ashley Hodgetts.

Unlike the majority of MMORPG titles which have saturated the gaming market with wizards and warriors, dragons and all things fantasy, Project V.I.L.E. is based in a dark and distant future. Also unlike most MMORPG type games where the focus is on the storyline, in Project V.I.L.E. the focus is to get rich, get the gear and kill as many of your enemies as possible. There is an underlying storyline and Project V.I.L.E.'s flow follows this but takes a back seat to the thrill of the action.

Featuring a proprietary in-house next generation 3D Engine, Project V.I.L.E. delivers advanced 3D graphics, effects and deep immersive gameplay. Project V.I.L.E. offers thousands of gamers the ability to out-wit, band together, steal, profit and to climb over one another for greater glory for their Faction and ultimately for themselves.

A state-of-the-art combat system allows for mind-blowing weaponry and hand-to-hand combat against multiple opponents. (Unlike Fantasy MMORPGs, this is set in the future, so you get all sorts of damage dealing weaponry which you can fire from various distances, as well as melee weapons for when you have to get close and personal.) Ashley continues (Also, instead of giving players little horses to run around on, we are giving them customizable battle-vehicles, including walking mechs, hovering bikes and other cool personal machinery. Players will be able to call them from a spaceship in orbit and either battle in PvP (Player-Versus-Player) or use them as transport.)

Instead of using the classic class-based system for assigning players their roles, Project V.I.L.E. will follow a skill hierarchical system which awards players (Skill-points) for everything they kill. These points are then (cashed in) to gain the desired skills. If a player wants to primarily be a soldier, they can allocate their points into areas such as Gunnery, Hand-to-hand combat and Spec-Ops. As they progress in level, they can choose to change their training to better suit their needs i.e. if there is a shortage of medics, then a player can choose to train in this field.

Players level up by completing set missions. Increased stats and skills are obtained on each level and also some selective skills can be gained over time. Choosing to complete missions from particular parties will gain players reputation with that party, which would be redeemable for items, money and other worldly possessions. Players travel from planet-to-planet to level up. Each race has its very own home world, moon(s) and solar systems where safe travel can only be given to races of the same faction. On each home world, a player will gain the necessary skills to venture into the contested regions of space for PVP, epic instances and group raids.

(A really exciting feature of Project V.I.L.E. is that during the game, players may be called to fight a waging war on a planetary level. Medics, Troopers, Pilots and the other skill sets will be called upon to defend their species. On arrival to the war area, players with certain skills will be given items to help them fight - i.e. Pilots will be given small drop ships to drop the troops off - they will need to take troops with them to the surface - then pick up more troops and supplies before having to go to battle themselves. Each quest involved in this type of world event will give players awesome rewards. Medics will need to heal so many people to gain rep, troopers will need to take out so many enemies, etc). Ashley continues (A Call to Arms would be announced when a critical region of space is falling to the other side or if the other faction(s) reach the player's home world. (

Vile Studios is keen to shake up the online gaming market with Project V.I.L.E. and additional games based off their engine look out!

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About Vile Studios
Vile Studios is an independent game studio located in Brisbane, Australia's fastest growing game development city. Founded in 2006, Vile Studios is currently developing Project V.I.L.E., a Sci-Fi MMORPG. With a strong team of local talent, Vile Studios is quickly developing original IP products for the PC and soon for Microsoft Xbox360 and Sony Playstation3 platforms. As Vile Studios is a privately held and funded company, the team have the creative freedom needed to develop cutting-edge products suited for a wider market.