The Witcher Trailer Excerpt

Not particularly exciting, but CD Projekt's official The Witcher site provides an excerpt of a soon-to-be-released 10-minute trailer (direct link to zip file). GameSpot will apparently have the full trailer in a few days.
Here is what Tom Gop, Assistant Producer of the game and the narrator of this gameplay movie, says about its features:

"The video shows a small piece of the game, where Geralt is taking care of some everyday issues in one of the districts of Vizim. Sometimes you have to smash someone's face, sometimes perform a little alchemy, and sometimes just swing a witcher sword as an argument. Typical witcher stuff.

We wanted to show some important game features in this video, such as interaction with NPCs, shops, meditation, alchemy and the fist-fight mini-game. But most of all we want you to see the advanced use of sword-fighting styles with the addition of witcher signs, that will hopefully help to sway even the biggest RPG sceptics. Even I had little problem with seeing what is going on with all those tricks that Marek Ziemak (Designer, guy that recorded the video) used.

All those of you with an astute artistic sense should also appreciate the skills of our graphics team. Cloister Vizim looks completely different during the night than during the day and all characters look and act like real people."