The Witcher Race Profiles

IGN PC is running a new two-page feature that profiles five of the primary races in CD Projekt's The Witcher. A bit about the Dwarves:
Dwarves, on the other hand, are the exact opposite of elves - short and stocky, as well as uncomplicated and awfully straightforward. They make good soldiers - brave, stubborn, and unyielding. It's no surprise then that they're incredibly good craftsmen, which is naturally complemented by their innate business instinct. Bearded, somewhat boorish and obnoxious, but always merry and cheerful, whatever the circumstances, that's the definition of a dwarf. As a digression, one should also know that a dwarf is considered fully an adult when his beard reaches his waist, which is at around fifty five years of age. The dwarves once ruled the whole Continent, until the elves arrived and drove them out to the more outlandish mountainous regions, themselves occupying the more fertile plains and valleys.

Despite their pride, dwarves are radically more accepting and welcoming than the elves, which translates into better endurance under human domination. In addition, a thousand years under elven control and the fact that their race is steadily growing in size may also be factors which allow dwarves to better coexist with humans. Moreover, unlike the sidhe, the dwarves feel right at home in urbanised areas, where they offer the highest quality services, products and banks. Dwarven mercenaries are also one of the best and of course the most expensive formations for hire there is. Well worth their pay, nonetheless.