BioShock Reviews

Blue's News passes on a few more BioShock reviews. First is I4U, with a surprising rating at 6/10.
In the end I can't help but wonder how all the bulk of other reviewers that have reviewed Bioshock to date have not seen the issues I have. All I can say is that Bioshock is a fantastically rendered game with epic gameplay that is badly in need of a patch to fix stability issues. This game would easily rate a 9.5 or maybe even a 10 IF I could play without crashes at the full settings my machine is capable of.
Next is World 1-1, with no rating.
But you'll need ADAM if you want to survive Rapture, and the only way to get it is from a Little Sister. After tackling the Big Daddy, what you do next will decide what kind of ending you will see. You'll be given a choice to either harvest the Little Sister or save her. Harvesting her will give you plenty of ADAM and allow you to modify yourself even faster, but she won't survive the process when you extract the parasite.
And last is Fragland, with a rating of 96.5%.
Of course, the graphics and sound are for a very large part responsible for this and even though we've seen more games that have great graphics, this is the first one where everything fits together so perfectly. Gameplay, graphics, sound, storyline, puzzles, hostiles and friendlies. it's all part of the whole and there's not one element that shatters the illusion of reality.

Is there nothing bad to be said about the game? Well, if we go into detail we could say that the game is set up so great that you want more, more and more. More different types of hostiles with all having their own stories, more intelligence in the reactions of other characters, even more freedom than you already have, and more opposition from enemies like the Big Daddies who are surprisingly easy to kill. Indeed, the AI isn't the best we've seen but it does come close to that of for instance F.E.A.R. with hostiles looking for health packs when they're hurt and such.