The Witcher Impressions

Boomtown has conjured up some impressions of The Witcher, based on what they saw of CD Projekt's RPG at this year's Leipzig Games Convention.
The big attraction is on the one hand the many skills you can improve Geralt with during the game, but at the same time the ethic choices that drives the story in an unpredictable direction. Ordinarily, your choices in role-playing games have very little impact on the story. In the worst cases you even quickly realise that you have made the wrong choice and (cheat) by loading at the latest save point. But as mentioned earlier, the choices in The Wither aren't just black and white, but various shades of grey. And often there are more than just two choices. And in addition, the consequences of your choices won't show for many hours. But of course you can go back to a five or ten hour old save point and change your mind. but then what about all the (right) choices you made along the road? A really exciting element that certainly adds to the game's replay value.