BioShock Reviews

It's a new day, which means we're in for another wave of enthusiastic BioShock reviews. The first is at Voodoo Extreme with an overall score of 4.5/5:
While BioShock might not be the deepest single-player experience I've ever played, it's one of the more memorable games I've tasted in the past few years. The graphics are beautiful, the combat is a lot of the fun, and it's really easy to fall in love with it. Is BioShock the newest bestest (sic) game ever? While I wouldn't put it up there with the likes of Oblivion or Gears of War; I think it's carved out a nice niche for itself. If you have the hardware and love FPS games, don't be afraid to pick yourself up a copy. There might not be any multiplayer, but the single player is well worth it.

The second is at DarkZero with an overall score of 9.5/10:
Of all the questions BioShock asks of you, the decision of whether to buy it or not results in only one answer. A resounding yes! It is not a game that tries to shock with new exciting gameplay twists, nor does it confuse with new fangled control methods. It just takes everything most gamers have grown to love over the years, wraps them up in a beautifully realised world, and refines them to near perfection. With great gameplay, fantastic sound, and quality narrative it is an almost perfect realisation of what a quality title should be in the current gaming climate. But most importantly it is a fervent effort to raise people's expectation of what a quality game is expected to provide. It's just that good!

The third is at Hooked Gamers with an overall score of 9/10:
...the real accomplishment in Bioshock is in its ability to give you an experience. While spoilers in regards to gameplay and the overall narrative may not spoil the game for you, I can assure you that it will diminish your overall experience on your first play through. My greatest regret is that I cannot experience Bioshock for the first time ever again. The game truly is the sum of its parts and those parts make one great game, possibly the best of 2007 so far. The only real question is why are you not playing it yet?

The fourth is at Deeko with a perfect score of 10/10:
While Bioshock doesn't necessarily do anything remarkably new once looked at from afar, what it does achieve is a literal masterpiece of all the elements presented. Most shocking of all is the deep customizable weapon system which give it an almost RPG feel. In the end, what can I possibly say about Bioshock that hasn't been said countless times over? It is one of the more thrilling gaming experiences anyone can have and that's no exaggeration - weaving together a tapestry of art, technology and plotline that will be a sterling example of how to create a game in this genre for years to come. It really creates some of the most brilliant moments that will leave you wondering about not just the fall of Rapture, but a look at our own society's obsession with perfections. My only hope is that gamers don't just pass it over because of its unique look and atmosphere, perhaps thinking it to be another generic first person shooter. Hands down Bioshock is, so far, my GOTY, if not my game of choice for this generation.

And the fifth is at TalkXbox with an overall score of 96/100:
With strong voice acting, a solid array of weapons and abilities at your disposal, a great score, wonderfully creepy atmosphere, beautifully detailed environments, nearly unparalleled art-design, solid game-play and an engine that runs smooth as silk, BioShock stands testament to just what the term "next-generation" should mean. The amount of care and innovation put into 2K's gem make it a truly remarkable and one of a kind game, and it stands proudly as one of the best single-player experiences that can be found not only on the XBox 360, but pretty much anywhere. So enhance your gaming and get the genetically enhanced shooter!